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Choreo Sessions

Our choreo sessions are designed for you to learn progressively over a set number of classes. Building on our foundations and strengthening dance technique through patterns and combos. A comfortable place for those with some experience, but an understanding of how you like to move YOUR body and a little bit of confidence can go a long way here. The biggest difference between our 100 and 200 level programs is the increase in commitment and retention.

Purchase Options
  • Sessions are 8 weeks and cost $195.00 plus GST.

Class Descriptions

Contemporary Flow – March 6 to April 24
Day: Mondays
Time: 7:30pm to 8:45pm 

Contemporary Flow is designed to feel good and make you work. Classes will begin as usual with some VA conditioning, then we will connect our breath to our bodies, move our spines and learn some fun Choreo. This is a low impact, full energy class perfect for our babes who want to breathe deeply and dance.

Chair Tricks – March 7 to April 25
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 6:00pm to 7:15pm

Come challenge your strength and creativity as we explore a variety of tantalizing chair dance tricks and build a truly unique piece of choreography. This limited enrollment class is recommended for our more experienced participants.

Build Your Burlesque – March 8 to April 26 (no class March 22)
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 7:30pm to 9:00pm

We have everything you need to learn the basics of the classic peel routine; gloves, boas, corsets, and more! Local performer Chérie Coquette will help you discover the confidence and personal style to develop your very own burlesque act. Come build a performance piece and gain an understanding of professional stage etiquette.
Note: This session is 7 weeks, the cost is $175 plus GST.

Beginner Heels – March 9 to April 27
Day: Thursdays
Time: 6:00 to 7:15

This is an energetic and sexy heels technique program that focuses on hip+pelvic isolations and rolls, torso isolations, dynamic footwork, stability and creativity…Basically everything you need to live your back up dancers/booty popping music video fantasies. Each week you will build on some killer choreography. Beginner Heels is a great place to start for folks interested in performing for the first time.

Enroll Now!

Spring Performance Opportunity!

All our choreography classes are invited to perform in our Spring Showcase, but are not required to in order to participate. Enjoy the 8 week commitment to yourself and the sense of accomplishment, with no expectation of performing (but we know you’re gonna want to!).

Please note, you must also register by email for our 2 week Production Development Program in order to participate in the Spring Showcase.

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